“I would like for you to know that from the first time I met Mr. Lipscomb I liked him a lot and sensed right from the beginning, he was the right man for the job!  It was apparent he loved what he did as well as confident in his years of experience, but was in no way arrogant or presumptuous.

Throughout this entire ordeal, Mr. Lipscomb treated me with the utmost respect and never once did I sense he doubted my side of the story.  That meant the world to me personally.  In addition, I observed his professional conduct with the Plaintiff’s attorneys over the past year during both the deposition and the mediation phase of this case, and he is to be commended for being a very upstanding lawyer.  To say Mr. Lipscomb is a humble and unassuming man is an understatement.  He is a true gentleman.

Along with his personal character, I found Mr. Lipscomb to be a powerful, well prepared Defense Attorney who held to his convictions regarding all of his acquired evidence, was quite passionate about my case and whom I am grateful to the Lord for having represented me!”


“I think of you often and about all the great cases we handled together and what wonderful counsel you provided.  I cannot convey just how much it meant to have you in my corner.”

“I wanted to take a moment to write you a little note expressing my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to you for supporting and fighting for my mom.  My mom has continually raved about your countenance in the court room, your skill at your profession and your gentleness with her through this very difficult and stressful time.

Mr. Lipscomb, you have no idea the impact that you have had on my family in such a great and positive way.  I hope that if you have ever doubted that you are in the right profession you can accept the most sincere words from a woman living in Florida, whom you have never met and is only linked to a woman you defended in what I am sure is a small court case in your career.  You are not in the wrong profession, you impact the people you work with, you defend those who need it, and you are a testimony of what a good person is.”


“Mr. Lipscomb was a blessing to our family at a time of crisis when my parents were in a car accident that claimed the life of my father and left my mother with extensive injuries requiring major medical treatment.  Once Mr. Lipscomb took the case, my mother and I received no more phone calls or letters from the medical facilities regarding outstanding invoices and he handled all communication with the liability insurance company assuring that they paid as they should.  Mr. Lipscomb is of the highest integrity and provides only the best legal counsel.  We appreciate so very much all that Mr. Lipscomb has done for us over the years. There is no way to express fully our gratitude for the exceptional service he provided for my mother and our family. I truly don’t know what we would have done without his help.”


“I never thought that I would personally be sued, but then it happened.  The first emotion that overtakes one is fear, then anger, and finally confusion coupled with a sense of discomfort about one’s own financial future.  This is how I felt at least.

After meeting with Mr. Lipscomb in his office one afternoon, my emotions quieted and I had confidence that I would be okay.  My confidence was directly tied to Mr. Lipscomb’s assurances that he believed my story and was certain that we could and would win the case.  Bill’s leadership and expertise in the courtroom was the biggest difference maker in my case.  He asked pertinent and pointed questions that ultimately crumbled the house of cards that the plaintiffs’ attorneys had built.  The plaintiffs in my case received a judgment of $0.  That was just and fair considering the details of my case.  Bill treated my wife and me with dignity and respect in every way possible and I am thankful that he was there for my family during this difficult time.  I would recommend Mr. Lipscomb to anyone needing legal counsel.”